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Since 1991, the professionals at Med One have been creating finance and rental and sales solutions that meet the needs of each customer. Although we have concentrated on meeting the needs and solving problems of acute care providers and suppliers, our programs have proven valuable to a wide range of industries.

At Med One Capital, we provide plans that fit the customer’s individual circumstance. We offer alternatives to traditional, capital-intensive methods of acquiring critical care equipment. Med One has solutions for equipment financing, rental, equipment sales and services.

"We believe there are three keys to exceeding the customers’ expectations: Innovation, Flexibility, and Responsiveness. These traits have and will continue to make Med One Capital a successful leader in the finance industry."

Although Med One specializes in the medical industry, we have expanded to serve customers outside the acute care market. In every situation, our staff offers focused research and smart choices.

The Med One philosophy is simple: understand and meet the needs of our customers. Our client-focused culture is noticeable and refreshing. We approach all interactions with transparency and action.